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Preface Number: 43

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I have an inventory of well over 10,000 publications of almost every imaginable description and subject. This menu lists a few titles from the religon books, occult and superstition books and booklets and programs category.

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Book List

  • Number: 43/22
    Title: Men Made New / An Exposition of Romans 5-8
    Author: John R.W. Scott
    Date: 1978
    Description: ISBN 0-8010-8244-7, A paperback comintary, in Christian terms.
    Price: $2.

  • Number: 43/54
    Title: The Book of Signs
    Author: Koch, Rudolf
    Date: undated
    Description: Paper bound book with loose spine. 493 symbols used from earliest times to the middle ages by primitive peoples and early christians.
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 43/88
    Title: The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
    Author: Watch Towed Bible and Tract Society
    Description: Hard cover illustrated biography and philosophy of Jesus Christ, good condition, cover slightly marked
    Price: $3.

  • Number: 43/99
    Title: The Bible Story Library / Volume 1
    Author: Turner Hodges (editor)
    Date: 1956
    Description: An illustrated volume of stories, endpapers damaged, book sound, no jacket, corner of cover damaged
    Price: $2.

  • Number: 43/157
    Title: Tarot Basice / Book and Gift Set
    Author: Evelin Burger and Johannes Fiebig
    Date: 1997
    Description: ISBN 1-4027-0202-7 boxed paperback book with a deck of tatot cards in color, near mint
    Price: $22.50

  • Number: 43/161
    Title: Passover Haggadah
    Author: Harold A. Sevener (editor)
    Date: 1980
    Description: A paper bound booklet, good condition
    Price: $2.

  • Number: 43/203
    Title: Christian Science Hymnal
    Author: none
    Date: 1933
    Description: Small, paper covered, "words only" book, 116 pages, good condition
    Price: $2.50

  • Number: 43/204
    Title: Christian Science Quarterly (Bible Lessons)
    Author: none
    Date: April, May, June 1968
    Description: a slim booklet held in a protective leather wallet, good condition
    Price: $2.50

  • Number: 43/206
    Title: Manual of the Mother Church / The First Church of Christ Scientist
    Author: Mary Baker Eddy
    Date: 1949
    Description: Small, hard cover, good condition
    Price: $ $2.50

  • Number: 43/207
    Title: A Complete Concordance to Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures
    Author: none
    Date: Circa 1935
    Description: Hard cover, 608 pages, good condition except cover has a white mark on it.
    Price: $6.

  • Number: 43/209
    Title: Prose Works Other Than Science and Health / Miscellaneous Writings [etc.]
    Author: Mary Baker Eddy
    Date: Circa 1935
    Description: Hard cover, 366 page collection of a number of Eddy's writings, the book seems to hvae gotten a little damp at one time, but good condition.
    Price: $6.

  • Number: 43/211
    Title: Symbolische Schrifften
    Author: uncertain
    Date: 1733 and 1703
    Description: This volume contains 2 old German books bound togeter I don't read German and can't even make out the script. I believe the books to be Luthern. The Velum cover has shrunk somewhat and currled at the edge, an illustration apparently of Luther, very good condition, but aged and a bit soiled.
    Price: $375.

  • Number: 43/215
    Title: The Humanistic Tradition / 4 Faith, Reason and Power in the Early Modern World
    Author: Gloria K. Fiero
    Date: 1998
    Description: ISBN 0-697-34071-6, volume in a series of 6, paperback, oversize, illistrated, very good condition.
    Price: $6.

  • Number:43/234
    Title: Great Bible Stories nd Master Paintings
    Author: Owen S. Rachleff
    Date: 1968
    Description: A heavy, oversized collection of Biblical stories illustrated with paintings, 399 pages, very good condition.
    Price: $45.

  • Number: 43/247
    Title: Celebrating Holidays and Holy Days in Church and Family Settings
    Author: Judy Weaver
    Date: 1989
    Description: ISBN 0-88177-071-1, paper cover collection of recipies, traditions and drawings, good condition
    Price: $3.

  • Number: 43/270
    Title: Living Without Limits
    Author: Jack Smith
    Date: 2007
    Description: ISBN 0-938716-57-3, paper cover "inspirationaL" slef-help, near mint
    Price: $3.

  • Number: 43/376
    Title: The Transfer Agreement
    Author: Edward Black
    Date: 1999
    Description: ISBN 1-57129-077-x.illustrated 430 page, paperback about the "dramatic story of the pact between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine, good condition.
    Price: $8.

  • Number: 43/397
    Title: 1975 Yearbook of Jahovah's Witnesses
    Author: none
    Date: 1974
    Description: Small, hardcover report, about 400 pages, good condition
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 43/407
    Title: Who Needs God
    Author: Harold Kushner
    Date: 1989
    Description: Papercover 208 pages, good condition
    Price: $3.50

  • Number:43/409
    Title: Sunday Dinner
    Author: Norman L. Marden Signed by the Author
    Date: 1972
    Description: SBN 0-682-47492-4, 109 pages of "essays anday anecdotes," very good condition the jacket a bit soiled
    Price: $12.

  • Number:43/421
    Title: The Shadow that Scares Me
    Author: Dick Gregory
    Date: 1968
    Description: LC #68-10561, fair condition
    Price: $4

  • Number: 43/423
    Title: The Christ Book, What Did He Say?
    Author: Christopher Hills
    Date: 1980
    Description: ISBN 0-916438-37-6, Illustrated, 214 pages, very good condition
    Price: $11.

  • Number: 43/477
    Title: The Bible Almanac
    Author: JI Packer, Merrill C. Tenney and William White, Jr.
    Date: 1980
    Description: ISBN 0-8407-5162-1, 766 pages, illustrated, very good condition
    Price: $16.

  • Number: 43/478
    Title: Year Book of the Church God 1888
    Author: CD Rishel
    Description: signed by the author, 100 pages including a catalog of interesting wares, illustrated, covers detached
    Price: $17.50

  • Number:43/479
    Title: Sunday School Hymnes No. 1
    Author: IH Meredith, Grant Colfax Tullar and JW Lerman
    Date: 1903
    Description: 296 pages plus index hyminal, cover worn
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 43/480
    Title: The Book of Witnesses
    Author: David Kossoff
    Date: 1971
    Description: Withdrawn from a library, LC# 72-185855, small size, good condition hardcover
    Price: $2.50

  • Number: 43/485
    Title: The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books od Eden
    Author: none
    Date: 1963 after 1926
    Description: ISBN 0-529-03385-2, thick paperback book, illustrated, text part of book split to the spine
    Price: $5.

  • Number: 43/491
    Title: Jesus and His Times
    Author: Karri Ward editor
    Date: 1987
    Description: ISBN 0-89577-257-4, 366 pages, illustrated in color and black and white, oversize, Readers Digest
    Price: $21

  • Number: 43/525
    Title: Rachel
    Author: Agnes Scott Kent
    Date: 1957
    Description: Hardcover, 217 pages, good condition
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 43/568
    Title: The Greatest Book on Dispensational Truth in the World
    Author: Clarence Larkin
    Date: 1920
    Description: Oversized, illustrated with drawings and old cuts, 175 pages, scarce, very good condition except jacket torn
    Price: $60.

  • Number: 43/572
    Title: A Book
    Author:Sandra Good (illustrations and decorations by Melissa Ericksen)
    Date: 1974
    Description: Paper cover, 139 pages, Neo American Church, lavishly illustrated with fine pen and ink drawings; Signed by the author insight into a meaningful religion, limited to 500 copies, good condition.
    Price: $22.50 (2 copies available)

  • Number: 43/000173
    Title: The Indwelling, The Beast Takes Possession
    Author: Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
    Date: 2000, First Edition
    Description: ISBN: 0-8423-2929-3. Tyndale House Publishers. Paper. Very Good. Christian religion mythology couched as fiction.
    Price: $4.00

  • Number: 43/000181
    Title: Buddhism
    Author: Thomas Berry
    Date: 1967, First Edition
    Description: Hawthorn Books. As new condition. A book related to the Beatle's Eastern Religion boom of the 1960s.
    Price: $12.50

  • Number: 43/000183
    Title: Except the Lord Build The House
    Author: Paul W. Milhouse
    Date: 1949
    Description: Evangelical Press, Harrisburg, PA. Paper cover. A "boomer book" boxed. Box slightly worn. One flap is torn. Presentation in ink on front flyleaf. Good condition.
    Price: $4.00

  • Number: 43/000073
    Title: Te of Piglet
    Author: Benjamin Hoff
    Date: 1992
    Description: ISBN: 0-525-93496-0. Dutton Book. Illustrated by E.H. Shepard. Hard cover. Very good condition. Appears to be unread. Original illustrations from the original Pooh books. Sticker bearing the name of previous owner on end paper.
    Price: $15.00

  • Number: 43/000080
    Title: New Millennium
    Author: Pat Robertson
    Date: 1990
    Description: ISBN: 0-8499-0837-X. Hard cover. Word Publishing. Book in unread condition. Dust jacket has many small tears around the edges. A pompous book written by a self-important, 20th century crackpot. Cover is somewhat damaged.
    Price: $12.00

  • Number: 43/000086
    Title: How to Mediate
    Author: Lawrence Leshan
    Date: 1979
    Description: ISBN: 0-553-13515-5. Bantam Book. Paperback. Good condition.
    Price: $3.50

  • Number: 43/000087
    Title: Revival, Its Principles and Personalities
    Author: Winkie Pratney
    Date: 1994
    Description: ISBN: 1-56384-058-8. Huntington House Publishers. Soft cover. As new. "Twenty Centuries of Vision & Visitation."
    Price: $4.00

  • Number: 43/000091
    Title: Christian Science Journal
    Date: 1943
    Description: Christian Science Publishing Society. 3/4 leather. Very good condition. Bound volume of January-December 1943. Marble boards with leather. Gold stamped spine. Somewhat soiled, otherwise good. Corner of front board is worn.
    Price: $70.00

  • Number: 43/000094
    Title: Heaven
    Author: John Zoller
    Date: 1972
    Description: Published by Christ for Everyone. Cloth cover. "Founder of the America Back to God Radio Broadcast." Front flyleaf has name of prior owner written in ink. The cover is soiled. Spine apears to have ink on it. A sound reading copy.
    Price: $9.00

  • Number: 43/000095
    Title: The Coming Great Awakening, New Hope for the Nineties
    Author: David L. McKenna
    Date: 1990
    Description: ISBN: 0-8308-1735-2. Illustrated by Rob Ebersol. InterVarsity Press. Pictorial cover. As New.
    Price: $3.50

  • Number:
    Price: $

  • Number:
    Price: $

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