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I have an inventory of well over 10,000 publications of almost every imaginable description and subject. This menu lists a few titles from the culture, erotica, customs books and anthropology category.

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Book List

  • Number: 17/23
    Title: The Smithsonian Book of North American Indians / Before the Coming of the Europeans
    Author: Philip Kopper
    Date: 1986
    Description: ISBN 0-89599-018-0, an oversized lavishly illustrated book focusing mostly on Native American arts and culture, very good condition, jacket very slightly damaged.
    Price: $45.

  • Number: 17/27
    Title: Arizona Highways Indian Arts and Crafts
    Author: Clara Lee Tanner (Editor)
    Date: 1976
    Description: LC # 75-42895, an oversized, lavishly illustrated book focusing on the exceptional Native American art of Arizona, 166 pages, full color, very good condition, no jacket.
    Price: $35.

  • Number: 17/52
    Title: The Sexpert
    Author: Edited by Pat Califia
    Date: 1992
    Description: ISBN 1-56333-034-2 Paperback. Selected columns from Advocate Men. Very good condition.
    Price: $3.

  • Number: 17/55
    Title: Us People/A Mini-Max Approach to Human Behavior
    Author: Moursund, Janet
    Date: 1972
    Description: ISBN 0-8185-0026-3 A bit of underlining in pencil. Perhaps a college textbook. Good condition.
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 17/125
    Title: Collection of 5 (five) hardcore hetrosexual smut DVDs
    Author: none
    Date: circa 2003
    Description: These are rank DVDS for ADULTS ONLY in illustrated plastic cases, Having not viewed then I can only assume that they are in good condition, 5 pieces.
    Price: $50

  • Number: 17/139
    Title: None
    Author: Unknown
    Date: circa 1975
    Description: This is a collection of about 100 amature homosexual snapshots mostly of male nudes, black and white. They are contained in 4 small photo albums within plastic sleeves. Some of the pictures appear to be professional.
    Price: $85.

  • Number: 17/291
    Title: Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls
    Author: Ernest A. Ball
    Date: 1910
    Description: A illustrated hardcover book about white slavery, prostitution and drug addiction, cover scuffed, fair condition
    Price: $22.50

  • Number: 17/292
    Title: Cosmetic Surgery
    Author: William Brown, MD
    Date: 1979
    Description: ISBN 0-8128-6002-0, papercover book explaining how ro deal with cosmetic surgery, somewhat soiled cover
    Price: $3.

  • Number: 17/312
    Title: The Joy of Gay Sex
    Author: Dr. Charles Silverstein, Edmund White, illustrated by Michael Leonard, Ian Beck, Julian Graddon
    Date: 1978
    Description: ISBN 0-671-24079-X, papercover, richly illustrated guide to male homosexuality, good condition
    Price: $15.

  • Number: 17/385
    Title: Advice to Young Men on the Duties of Life
    Author: William Cobbett
    Date: 1860
    Description: A small size sexual and social "guide" for boys, 208 pages plus a 24 page book catalog at the rear, pressed board cover soiled, text yellowing.
    Price: $47.

  • Number: 17/400
    Title: Bundling, Its Origin, Progress and Decline in America
    Author: Henry Read Stiles
    Date: 1934
    Description: A small hardcover book about the Amish practice of bundling, 146 pages, very good condition, paper yellowing
    Price: $12.

  • Number: 17/442
    Title: Vice and Virtue in Everyday Life
    Author: Christina Sommers and Fred Sommers
    Date: 2003
    Description: ISBN 0-15-506796-6, paper cover, 891 pages, very good condition
    Price: $21.

    Title: Amish Ways
    Author: Ruth Hoover Seitz, Photographs by Blair Seitz
    Date: 1991
    Discription: ISBN 1-879441-77-2 Oversized, richly illustrated, almost mint
    Price: $30

  • Number: 17/493
    Title: Presenting People Living Dangerously
    Author: Bernard Newman, editor
    Date: 1961
    Description: Oversized, illustrated and black and white and color fair condition, jacket torn, corners worn
    Price: $4.50

  • Number: 17/580
    Title: Mind Drugs
    Author: Margaret O. Hyde
    Date: 1970
    Description: ISBN 671-77125-6, paperback, 148 pages, very good condition.
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 17/000115
    Title: Indian and White
    Author: Niels Winther Braroe
    Date: 1999
    Description: ISBN: 0-8047-1028-7. Stanford University Press. Paper cover. Self-Image and Interaction in a Canadian Plains Community. Eight pages of photographs. This learned and very interesting book is regrettably defaced on both the front and back cover with stickers. The text is completely sound. The photographs are very informative.
    Price: $7.00

  • Number:
    Price: $

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