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I have an inventory of well over 10,000 publications of almost every imaginable description and subject. This menu lists a few titles from the cookbooks and booklets category.

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Book List

  • Number: 15/25
    Title: Betty Crocker's Cookie Book
    Author: none
    Date: 1983, 1963
    Description: ISBN 0-307-09930-X, soft cover, color photogrsph illudtrstions, 95 pages, good condition.
    Price: $16

  • Number: 15/30
    Title: Live Longer & Better
    Author: Mindy G. Harmann, RN and Elizabeth M. Ward, RN
    Date: 1994
    Description: ISBN 0-7853-0806-7, a lavishly illustrated, full color life style guide and cookbook from "Consumer Guide." 385 pages, near mint.
    Price: $30.

  • Number:15/34a
    Title: [menus]
    Date: Circa 1985-2000
    Description: I have a collection of about 110 menus mostly from Italian restaurants, primarily pizza places. These were collected mostly in Central Pennsylvania although I noticed one from the Hard Rock in Washington and a few other well known places. A number are in their plastic sleeves, many are very simple while others are pretty ornate. Quite a few have interesting art work. I believe them to mostly be from about 1995.
    Price: $265.

  • Number: 15/79
    Title: Bon Appetit Quick & Delicious
    Author: none
    Date: 2000
    Description: Small paper back booklet from "Bon Appetit" magazine containing recipies and ideas, very good.
    Price: $2.50

  • Number: 15/105
    Title: The Southern Living Cookbook
    Author: Susan Carlisle Payne (editor)
    Date: 1987
    Description: ISBN 8487-0709-5, large, well illustrated collection punlished by "Southern Living" magazine, no jacket, near mint
    Price: $35. + $5 shipping

  • Number: 15/106
    Title: Hershey's Fabulous Desserts
    Author: none
    Date: 1990
    Description: ISBN 0-88176-6771-1, a richly illustrated chocolate cookbook; the Double Chocolate Mocha Pie looks tempting, very good condition, jacket defaced with sticker.
    Price: $12.

  • Number: 15/123
    Title: Betty Crocker Cookbook
    Author: None
    Date: ?
    Description: Heavily Used, soiled, some mother loved this book!
    Price: $2

  • Number: 15/146
    Title: Holiday Cookbook
    Author: Janell Webster (executive editor)
    Date: 1970
    Description: Spiral bound, paper cover, illustrated cookbook, well used, cover soiled, somewhqat dogeared
    Price: $4

  • Number: 15/154
    Title: Desserts / Including Layer Cakes and Pies
    Author: Alice Bradley
    Date: 1930
    Description: Depression era hard cover book of 674 recipes, jacket chewed up at bottom otherwise good condition
    Price: $15

  • Number: 15/155
    Title: World Modern Cook Book
    Author: Mabel Claire
    Date: 1932
    Description: Depression era general, newlywed cookbook, jacket chewed up at the edges, otherwise good condition
    Price: $15

  • Number: 15/156
    Title: Pillsbury's Bake Off Dessert Cook Book
    Author: none
    Date: 1968
    Description: color illustrated, slight water damage at the bottoms of some pages, good condition.
    Price: $5

  • Number: 15/158
    Title: Skim the Fat
    Author: Donna Hoel (editor)
    Date: 1995
    Description: ISBN 1-56561-062-8, paper cover health book about controling fats and cooking safely, almost mint
    Price: $3.

  • Number: 15/162
    Title: Just Desserts
    Author:Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cuurch
    Date: 1978
    Description: Self published by a church in Dauphin, Pennsylvania, bound with yarn, paper cover, family recipes
    Price: $3.

  • Number: 15/163
    Title: Mealtime Mastery
    Author: American Dairy Association
    Description: Paper cover, spiral bound, color illustrated, 222 pages, bottom of some pages slightly water damaged
    Price: $3

  • Number: 15/192
    Title: Heritage Kitchens of Mechanicsburg
    Author: Junior Woman's Club of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
    Date: 1975
    Description: Paper cover, spiral bound, 210 pages. Issued in celebration of the 1976 Bicentennial. Cover somewhat soiled. Illustrations of historic buildings in Mechanicsburg.
    Price: $12.

  • Number: 15/218
    Title: Pennsylvania Bed and Breakfast Guide and Cookbook
    Author: Keren Shughart
    Date: 1999
    Description: IISBN 0-8117-2705-X, Illustrated, papercover guide about the foods of some of Central Pennsylvania's inns, near mint.
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 15/231
    Title: Death by Chocolate Cookies
    Author: Marcel Desaulniers
    Date: 1997
    Description: ISBN 0-684-83197-X an oversized, well illustrated book, 144 pages, near mint except back of jacket defaced with a sticker
    Price: $20.

  • Number: 15/256
    Title: The Rodale Cookbook
    Author: none
    Date: 1973
    Description: LC# 73-5161, 486 page well illustrated back to the earth cook book, good condition
    Price: $18.

  • Number: 15/300
    Title: Recipes on Parade / Salads
    Author: Military Officers' Wives
    Date: 1966
    Description: Bound with a plastic spine, 380 pages, good condition, but used.
    Price: $7.

  • Number: 15/308
    Title: Cajun Country Cookbook
    Author: Tony Chachere
    Date: 1986
    Description: ISBN 0-9604580-1-8, Papercover book with plastic spiral spine, 196 pages, good condition.
    Price: $5.

  • Number: 15/309
    Title: Recipes on Parade / Casseroles
    Author: Military Officers' Wives
    Date: Circa 1966
    Description: Papercover plastic spine, 380 pages plus a few ads. Good condition except cornors of cover rubbed
    Price: $7.

  • Number: 15/318
    Title: The Goose Day Cookbook
    Author: Women's Auxiliary or the Mifflin-Juniata County Medical Society
    Date: circa 1981
    Description: Self-published plastic spiral bound papercover recipe book, very good condition
    Price: $10.

  • Number: 15/323
    Title: Step By Step Microwave cookbook
    Author: none
    Date: 1988
    Description: ISBN 0696-01500-5, richly illustrated in color, 288 pages, very good condition except cover defaced with sticker.
    Price: $12.

  • Number: 15/366
    Title: Mott's Apple Sauce a Better Way to Bake
    Author: none
    Date: 1995
    Description: ISBN 0-7863-1520-9, oversized, hardcover color illustrated recipe book, very good condition except defaced with sticker on front cover.
    Price: $5.

  • Number: 15/367
    Title: Light and Easy Baking
    Author: Beatice Oiakangas
    Date: 1996
    Description: ISBN 0-517-20962-4, book of recipes, some look pretty good, very good condition except jacked defaced with sticker.
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 15/368
    Title: Amish Dutch Cookbook
    Author: Ruth Redcay
    Date: 1972
    Description: 64 page recipe booklet, papercover, good condition.
    Price: $2.50

  • Number: 15/369
    Title: Betty Crocker's Cookbook
    Author: none
    Date: 1991
    Description: ISBN 0-13-073768-2, 432 page color illustrated recipe and cooking book, good condition except cover soiled.
    Price: $9.

  • Number: 15/376
    Title: Anshe Emeth Sisterhood Cook Book
    Author: Members of the Temple Anshe Emeth Sisterhood, Youngstown, Ohio
    Date: 1969
    Description: Soft cover, spiral bound Jewish cookbook
    Price: $20.

  • Number: 15/384
    Title: Lanc.[aster] Co.[unty] Amish Cookbook
    Author: Sallie Y. Lapp and Sylvia Y. Miller
    Date: 1982
    Description: Papercover, spiral bound, collection of "over a thousand" recipes, somewhat water damaged, liiustrated with drawings
    Price: $5.

  • Number: 15/396
    Title: The Super Chicken Cookbook
    Author: Iona Nixon
    Date: 1979
    Description: Paperback, good condition
    Price: $3.50

  • Number: 15/412
    Title: Fanny Farmer Cookbook
    Author: Marion Cunningham
    Date: 1990
    Description: ISBN 0-394-56788-9, Heavy, 874 page, illustrated, good condition except front cover not secure
    Price: $20

  • Number: 15/413
    Title: New McCall's Cookbook
    Author: none
    Date: not given, circa 1970
    Description: 623 pages, illustrated in color, page torn out in front
    Price: $15

  • Number: 15/447
    Title: From Emeril's Kitchen
    Author: Emeril Lagasse
    Date: 2003
    Description: ISBN 0-06-018535-X, hardcover, illustrated, recipes, very good condition
    Price: $18.

  • Number: 15/450
    Title: Free to be Thin
    Author: Neva Coyle and Marie Chapian
    Date: 1993
    Description: ISBN 1-55661-312-1, 223 pages, illustrated, very good condition except back f=of jacket defaced with sticler
    Price: $7.

  • Number: 15/460
    Title: International Family Favorites
    Author: Ron Kalenuik
    Date: circa 1995
    Description: ISBN 1-55222-980-7, 480 pages, color illustrated, oversized, good condition except from cover has something sticky on it
    Price: $17.50

  • Number: 15/472
    Title: Wine
    Author: MA Amerine and VL Singleton
    Date: 1971
    Description: ISBN 0-520-00018-8, papercover, illustrated, cover defaced with sticker
    Price: $5.

  • Number: 15/476
    Title: The Dim Sum Book
    Author: Eileen Yin-Fei Lo
    Date: 1982
    Description: 181 pages, illustrated, classic Recipes from the Chinese Teahouse, very good condition
    Price: $7.

  • Number: 15/481
    Title: Calorie-Trimmed Recipes
    Author: Better Homes and Gardens and Gerald M. Knox editor
    Description: ISBN 0-696-006-057, paper cover, 96 pages, illustrated in color
    Price: $3.50

  • Number: 15/487
    Title: Hershey's Chocolate Lover's Cookbook
    Author: Hershey Foods
    Date: 1993
    Description: ISBN 0-88705-762-4. paperback, 188 ages illustrated in color, near mint
    Price: $7.

  • Number: 15/495
    Title: Lake Spokane Mustangers Cook Book
    Author: Linda Orth, editor
    Date: circa 1985
    Description: Recipes collected and published by a school "PTG," 61 pages, paper cover, illurated with drawings
    Price: $9.

  • Number: 15/496
    Title: Holiday Menus from the Fighting 69th / Cookin' One More Time
    Author: none listed
    Date: none listed, circa 1965
    Description: Spiral bound soft cover colored paper, hand done, drawings, 67 pages
    Price: $9.

  • Number: 15/497
    Title: Sugan and Spice / a Collection of Recipes For and By My Friends
    Author: Sally Goldman
    Date: 1983
    Description: ISBN 0-96104-86-0-3, 293 pages spiral bound inside a hard, decorative cover, illustrated, very good condition
    Price: $21.

  • Number: 15/508
    Title: The Southern Heritage ... Cookbook set, 15 volumes:
    • Index
    • Sporting Scene
    • Celebrations
    • Breakfast and Brunch
    • Socials and Soirees
    • Breads
    • Soups and Stews
    • Gift Receipts
    • Fanily Gatherings
    • Poultry
    • Beef, Veal and Lamb
    • Sea and Stream
    • Cookie Jar
    • All Pork
    • Vegetables

    Author: Southern Living Magazine
    Date: 1984
    Description: well illustrated, each 111 pages, hard cover very good condition
    Price: $6. each, $75 for the set + $6 shipping

  • Number: 15/514
    Title: Candymaking
    Author: Ruth A. Kendrick and Pauline Atkinson
    Date: 1987
    Description: ISBN 0-89586-307-3, soft cover, color and black and white photos, 160 pages, very good condition
    Price: $7.50

  • Number: 15/521
    Title: The Natural Healing Cookbook
    Author: Mark Bricklin
    Date: 1981
    Description: ISBN 0-87857-338-0, hard cover, 460 pages, guide to cooking for the ill to help healing, a few illustrations, guides, very good condition
    Price: $32.

  • Number: 15/526
    Title: [sample cookbook for organizations]
    Author: none
    Date: circa 1960
    Description: spiral bound paper cover, few color illustrations, a stock cookbook showing how a church group or others could put out their own publication
    Price: $12.

  • Number: 15/527
    Title: Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book
    Author: Ruth Hutchison
    Date: 1958
    Description: Hardcover, illustrated, 210 pages, good condition
    Price: $12.50

  • Number: 15/528
    Title: Someone's In the Kitchen With Dinah
    Author: Dinah Shore
    Date: 1973
    Description: Hardcover, 178 pages, very good condition
    Price: $15.

  • Number: 15/529
    Title: American Woman's Cook Book
    Author: Ruth Berolzheimer
    Date: 1938
    Description: Well used fascinating old cookbook, thumb index, illustrated, 824 pages, cover worn
    Price: $18.

  • Number: 15/538
    Title: The Central Market Cookbook
    Author: Phyllis Pellman Good and Louise Stoltzfus
    Date: 1989
    Description: ISBN 0-93472-81-4, 224 pages, a few color illudtrations, almost mint.
    Price: $17.50

  • Number: 15/562
    Title: The Good Cook / Cakes / Beef and Veal / Fish / Hors d'Oeuvre / Vegetables / Fruits / Pies and Pastries / Eggs and Cheese / Cookies and Crackers / Variety Meals / Soups / Pasta
    Author: Time - Life
    Date: 1967
    Description: Each book is nicely illustrated, 176 pages, hard cover, very good condition.
    Price: $10 each volume, $110. for the 12 volumes

  • Number: 15/563
    Title: Country Cooking
    Author: Time - Life
    Date: 1989
    Description: ISBN 0-8094-6775-5, hard cover, well illustrated, 175 pages, over sized, very good condition
    Price: $17.50

  • Number: 15/564
    Title: Light Cooking for Two
    Author: Anne C. Chappell, editor
    Date: 1995
    Description: ISBN 0-8487-1434-2, hard cover, 234 pages, illustrated, near mint
    Price: $17.50

  • Number: 15/566
    Title: Family Circle Encyclopedia of Cooking
    Author: Donald D. Wolf, editorial director
    Date: 1990
    Description: ISBN 0-7172-4578-0, oversize, 799 pages, illustrated, very good condition
    Price: $45 + $8 shipping

  • Number: 15/565
    Title: Great Dinners from Life
    Author: Eleanor Graves
    Date: 1979
    Description: ISBN 0-8094-1638-7, paper cover, oversized, 239 pages, nicely illustrated, good condition
    Price: $12,

  • Number: 15/567
    Title: Better Homes and Gardens Annual Recipes
    Author: Jean LemMon (sic), editor in chief
    Date: 1995
    Description: ISBN 0-696-20459-2, hard cover, illustrated with photos and drawings, 315 pages, oversize, very good condition
    Price: $16.

  • Number: 15/593
    Title: Better Homes and Gardens Cooking for Two
    Author: Julia Martinusen, editor
    Date: 1982
    Description: ISBN 0-696-00452-6, 96 pages, illustrated, good condition
    Price: $9.

  • Number: 15/594
    Title: The Complete / Step by Step / American Cookbook
    Author: Judith Ferguson, compiler
    Date: 1990
    Description: ISBN 0-86283-767-7, 384 pages, well illustrated with photographs, very good condition
    Price: $22.50

  • Number: 15/000176
    Title: Cookbook
    Author: Lenker Manor-Paxtang Women's Clugb
    Date: 1976, First Edition
    Description: Paper cover, spiral bound. Fair condition. Privately printed recipe book which has obviously seen plenty of use. Still good for its age. Name of previous owner on cover.
    Price: $2.50

  • Number: 15/000089
    Title: Cooking Away the Blues
    Author: Pennsylvania Blue Shield
    Date: c1990
    Description: Fundcraft publishing. Very good condition. Spiral bound. Apparently a recipe book complied by employees of the Blue Shield Health Insurance Company, "Shield Club."
    Price: $5.00

  • Number: 15/000057
    Title: A Beary Special Cookbook
    Author: Women's Guild of Redeemer Lutheran Church
    Date: 1988
    Description: Classic American Fundraisers. Spiral bound. Very good condition. Local church community cookbook with very good bear illustrations. Put together by a commercial firm as a church project. Most of the recipes apepar to be original Clean.
    Price: $5.00

  • Number: 15/000055
    Title: Favorite Recipes from the mennonite Community Cookbook.
    Author: Mary Emma Showalter
    Date: 1974
    Description: ISBN: 0-8361-1682-8. Illustrated by Naomi Nissley. Herald Press, Scottdale, PA. Paper cover. In unread condition. Font of book is defaced with a small piece of tape with price on it.
    Price: $3.00

  • Number: 15/000059
    Title: New Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant
    Author: Moosewood Restaurant
    Date: 1987
    Description: ISBN: 0-89815-208-9. Ten Speed Press. Very good condition. Soft cover. Appears to be unread. Illustrated with folksy and whimsical images.
    Price: $20.00

  • Number: 15/000060
    Title: Treasured Recipes.
    Author: Hammond Roads P.T.A.
    Date: 1986
    Description: Cookbook Publishers. Spiral Bound. A printer's mock-up used to solicit local recipes from church and civic groups. None of the recipes are original. The idea was for women in a local group to collect recipes to add to and to replace the stock recipes. A common practice in the 190's. Appears to be unread.
    Price: $4.00

  • Number: 15/000103
    Title: Easy French Cooking
    Author: Helene Molard
    Date: 1985, First Edition
    Description:Larousse & Col. Hard cvoer. Very good condition. Well-illustrated. Front jacket is defaced with a price tag.
    Price: $11.00

  • Number: 15/000116
    Title: Frugal Gourmet
    Author: Jeff Smith
    Date: 1984
    Description: ISBN: 0-688-03118-8. William Morrow and Company. Good condition. A useful and interesting book by the preacher before his downfall. Front jacket slightly torn.
    Price: $15.00

  • Number: 15/000131
    Title: Fish On the Grill
    Author: Editors of Time-Life Books
    Date: 1994
    Description: ISBN: 0-8094-6716-X. Good condition. A sparingly illustrated instructional booklet about the best ways to grill fish, if you are into such stuff.

    Price: $2.50

  • Number: 15/000132
    Title: Maryland Seafood Cookbook I
    Author: Maryland Department of Agriculture
    Date: 1986
    Description: ISBN: 0-940056-11-9. A booklet about cooking seafood and about the Maryland seacoast. Front cover defaced with a price sticker. Good condition.
    Price: $2.00

  • Number: 15/000133
    Title: Maryland Seafood Cookbook II
    Author: Maryland Department of Agriculture
    Date: 1976
    Description: favorite Recipes from Maryland Chefs. A collection of recipes, instructions and interesting facts about preparing seafood. Front cover defaced with a price sticker.
    Price: $2.00

  • Number: 15/000134
    Title: Maryland Seafood Cookbook III
    Author: Maryland Department of Agriculture
    Date: 1982
    Description: ISBN: 0-940056-13-5. Contemporary Cuisine. Good condition. Instructional recipe book, mostly about the preparation of shellfish.
    Price: $2.00

  • Number: 15/000149
    Title: Country Delights
    Author: Women of Brazosport U.P. Church
    Date: 1987
    Description: Morris Press. Three ring binder. Very good. Apparently a publisher's sales sample. Popular during the 1970's and 80's for church and fraternal organizations to publish collections. Vinyl cover. A printed example of a spiral cover for the finished booklet is included.
    Price: $8.00

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