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I have an inventory of well over 10,000 publications of almost every imaginable description and subject. This menu lists a few titles from the childrens' books, games and records category.

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Book List

  • Number: 10/13
    Title: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    Author: J.K. Rowling (illustrated by Mary Grandpre)
    Date: 1998
    Description: ISBN 0-439-06486-4, the second of the Harry Potter books, 341 pages, very good condition, no jacket cover slightly discolored.
    Price: $10.00

  • Number: 10/96
    Title: Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Midnight Visitor
    Author: Donald J. Sobol
    Date: 1977
    Description: ISBM 0-8407-7221-1, a slender hard cover, girl's fiction, illustrated, fair condition
    Price: $2.

  • Number:10/100
    Title: The Flamingo Feather
    Author: Kirk Munroe
    Date: 1949
    Description: Paper cover, boy's adventure, illustrated, 138 pages, cover torn and taped, fair
    Price: $4

  • Number: 10/101
    Title: Granny / A novel of Science Fiction
    Author: Nicholas Fisk
    Date: 1974
    Description: ISBM 0-8407-6409-x, hard cover, no jacket, 124 pages, fair condition
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 10/102 Title: Old Powder Line
    Author: Richard Parker
    Date: 1971
    Description: ISBN 0-8407-6170-8, A 144 page children' mystery book, hard cover, good condition.
    Price: $5.

  • Number: 10/129
    Title: Paul Jones, the Naval Hero of 76
    Author: Lieut. John Troy Burden
    Date: circa 1910
    Description: Boy's book extensively illustrated with collectable woodcuts mostly of naval vessels under sail. The illustrations are in very good condition. Book is good except the front cover is almost loose, illustrated cover. Price: $120.

  • Number: 10/134 Title: Why the Sun was Late Author: Benjamin Elkin Date: 1966 Description: LC# AC 66-10094, a slender, well illustrated book with an interesting story. Good condition except front cover almost loose. Price: $3

  • Number: 10/136 Title: Rip Van Winkle Author: Washington Irving Date: circa 1910 Description: Small edition with many nice illustrations, each collectable in its own right, cover somewhat damaged, title page missing, first few pages loose, all illustrations in very good condition. Price: $45.

  • Number: 10/213
    Title: Marchen der Volker
    Author: none
    Date: 1933
    Description: This is a Nazi propaganda book aimed at children. It makes fun of "inferior" peoples. Each page contains a tiped in color illustration. The book is a collection of children stories, bedtime reading, I suppose. It is large format, 220 pages. The pages are crumbling and brown, but the text is readable (if you're into German) and the many illustrations are fine.
    Price: $150.

  • Number: 10/249
    Title: Full House / Way to Go, Chipmunk Cheeks
    Author: Bonnie Worth, et al.
    Date: 1991
    Description: ISBN 0-440-40596-3, Paper cover story based on the 1990s television sit-com, good condition.
    Price: $2.

  • Number: 10/250
    Title: World Famous Muriel
    Author: Sue Alexander
    Date: 1988
    Description: ISBN 0-440-40024-4, illustrated paper cover booklet for young children, good condition
    Price: $2.

  • Number: 10/268
    Title: Wildfire
    Author: Zane Gray , illustrations by Frank Tenney Johnson
    Date: 1917
    Description: To me this appears to be the illustrated first edition. The top of the spine pulled, cover somewhat soiled, text aging.
    Price: $165.

  • Number: 10/271
    Title: My Friend Flicka
    Author: Mary O'Hara, illustrations by Eleanor Iselin Mason
    Date: 1944
    Description: Color illustrated wartime edition, second impression. fair condition, cover warn and soiled
    Price: $15.

  • Number:10/272
    Title: Green Grass of Wyoming
    Author: Mary O'Hara
    Date: 1946
    Description: First edition of O'Hara's third book, good condition, bookplate by child owner
    Price: $12.

  • Number: 10/284
    Title: Fifth Grade Crush
    Author: Sherry Shahan
    Date: 1986
    Description: ISBN 0-87406-0-139-3, Papercover girl's illustrated story, very good
    Price: $2.

  • Number: 10/285
    Title: The Berenstain Beats' Trouble at School
    Author: Stan and Jan Berenstain
    Date: 1986
    Description: ISBN 0-394-87336-X, slender papercover book with color illustrations, good condition
    Price: $2.

  • Number: 10/287
    Title: The Mickey Mouse Make -it Book
    Author: none
    Date: 1974
    Description: ISBN 0-394-92555-6, Hsrdcover Disney ilustrated book, very good condition
    Price: $3.

  • Number: 10/289
    Title: Uncle Toms Cabin
    Author: Harriet Beecher-Stowe
    Date: 1897
    Description: Richly illustrated (over 100) 19th century edition reflecting the condescending attitudes of the time, spine torn, cover scuffed, fair condition
    Price: $45.

  • Number: 10/296
    Title: Make it Work! / Flight
    Author: Jack Challoner
    Date: 1996
    Description: ISBN 0-590-99563-4, Oversized, paper cover, workbook, well illustrated, very good condition
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 10/315
    Title: Chicken Soup With Rice
    Author: Maurice Sendak
    Date: 1996
    Description: ISBN 0-590-75825-X, slender hardcover illustrate "book of months," near mint
    Price: $3.

  • Number: 10/324
    Title: The Shirley Temple Treasury
    Author: none
    Date: 1959
    Description: Stories from movies that made hrr famous, oversized, illustrated with drawings and photos, color, good condition except edge of jacket torn
    Price: $17.

  • Number: 10/315
    Title: Yummy Summer Snack Book
    Author: Kathy Bieger Roche
    Date: 1985
    Description: A "Weekly Reader" Books; a slender hard cover cookbook for gradeschool children, 36 pages, excellent condition.
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 10/377
    Title: Safe at Home With Teddy Ruxpin
    Author: Michalle Baron, Music by George Wilkine, Lyrics by Eileen Raycroft
    Date: 1988
    Description: Hardcover slender illustrated book for young children, good condition
    Price: $3.

  • Number:10/390
    Title: Hans Brinker; or the Silver Skates
    Author: Mary Mapes Dodge
    Date: 1862
    Description: Early edition, letter dated 1873, note inside fron cover dated Dec, 25 1875, frontspiece detached, cover worn, illustrations in tact
    Price: $35

  • Number: 10/392
    Title: Lets Start Cooking
    Author: Garel Clark
    Date: 1951
    Description: Small, hard cover spiralbound book for younger children, illustrated, 69 pages, slightly water stained at the bottom of a few pages
    Price: $5.

  • Number: 10/398
    Title: Tom Sawyer
    Author: Mark Twain
    Date: 1961
    Description: Illustrated with color and b&w drawings, part of a Holt, Rinehart & Winston set, very good condition
    Price: $5.

  • Number: 10/399
    Title: Pinoccio / Aesop's Fables
    Author: C. Collodi
    Date: 1958
    Description: Both texts in one hardcover binding, color and black and white illustrations, very good condition
    Price: $5.

  • Number: 10/405
    Title: Custer's Last Stand
    Author: Quentin Reynolds, illustrations by Frederick T. Chapman
    Date: 1951
    Description: Hardcover boys' adventure book, illustrated, 185 pages abot slaughtering native Americans, endpaper taped in, fair
    Price: $4.

  • Number: 10/426
    Title: Black Beauty
    Author: Anna Sewell
    Date: 1961
    Description: Illustrated by Alma B. Caldwell, fair condition, in tact
    Price: $3.

  • Number:10/427
    Title: Alice in Wonderland (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass)
    Author: Lewis Carroll, illustrations by John Tenniel
    Date: 1961
    Description: Well illustrated in black and white and color, 276 pages, good condition
    Price: $8.

  • Number: 10/
    Title: The Little Wee Cupid
    Author: Nancy M. Hayes, illustrations by Florence Mary Anderson
    Date: circa 1890
    Description: A small-size, beautifully illustrated book, 71 pages, color plates and black and white decorations, the covers are loose, the book and illustrations are in tact.
    Price: $90.

  • Number: 10/506
    Title: The Thundering Heard
    Author: Zene Grey
    Date: 1925
    Description: Hard cover, very good condition except cover a bit soiled
    Price: $7.50

  • Number: 10/560
    Title: Jewel's Story Book
    Author: Clara Louise Burnham
    Date: circa 1900 (title page wanting)
    Description: Girl's illustrated story book from about 1900-1905, front cover loose, page loose, illustrations in good condition
    Price: $12.

  • Number: 10/590
    Title: How the World is Ruled
    Author: Carrie Louise George
    Date: 1930
    Description: slender hard cover book, 112 pagws, illustrated with drawings, front of jacket is missing, otherwise good
    Price: $9.

  • Number: 10/591
    Title: Jumanji
    Author: Chris Van Allsburg
    Date: 1981
    Description: ISBN 0-395-30448-2, large foremat, nicely illustrated, cover stained, text and illustrations fine
    Price: $12.

  • Number: 10/000034
    Title: When We Were Very Young
    Author: A.A. Milne
    Date: 1935
    Description: Illustrated by E.H. Shepard. E.P. Dutton & Co. Good condition. Book of child verse and antedotes. Classic by the author of House at Pooh Corner. Illustrated with sketches. Printed cloth cover is worn. Bottom of spine is bare in one spot. Very good reading copy.
    Price: $20.00

  • Number: 10/000035
    Title: Nights with Uncle Remus
    Author: Joel Chandler Harris
    Date: 1911
    Description:Houghton Mifflin Company. Fair condition. While the text is sound, the front cover has been pulled partly loose. All the illustrations are intact and bright. The name has been scribbled off the front fly-leaf in pencil. Back cover is defaced. Front fly-leaf has the following inscription, "To Kenneth Junior with fond recollections and love from all 'the critters.' X-Mas, 1922. - from-Uncle Lowell at the home of the author, Atlanta, Georgia"
    Price: $20.00

  • Number: 10/000037
    Title: Lassie Come-Home
    Author: Eric Knight
    Date: 1940
    Description: Illustrated by Marguerite Kirmse. John C. Winston Co.. No jacket. Bottom edge is waterstained, cover is discolored. Illustrations are bright and intact. Text is sound. Slight water damage on the spine.
    Price: $17.50

  • Number: 10/000040
    Title: Little Brown Bruno
    Author: Alice E. Radford
    Date: 1931
    Description: Illustrated by Clayton Rawson. Rand McNally & Co. Hard Cover. Inscription on f ront flyleaf. Illustrated cover is worn but intact.
    Price: $17.00

  • Number: 10/000172
    Title: Young Cowboys at the Broken Arrow
    Author: Marion R. Bell and Donna M. Geyer
    Date: 1949
    Description: Illustrated by Harve Stein. Alvert Whitman and Company. Cloth cover. A boy's adventure book of the type popular at the end of World War II. The cover is in bad condition. Spine is torn.
    Price: $6.00

  • Number: 10/000081
    Title: Little Bear's Visit
    Author: Else Holmelund Minarik
    Date: 1961
    Description: An I Can Read Book. Illustrated by Murice Sendak. Harper & Row. Name written inside front cover in marker. The cover is somewhat worn. The fore-edge is raw. nicely illustrated. Illustrations are bright and clean.
    Price: $15.00

  • Number: 10/000085
    Title: Red Pepper's Patients
    Author: Grace S. Richmond
    Date: 1917
    Description: Illustrated by Gordon Grant. Al>l. Burn Company. Cloth cover. Name of a prior owner written in pencil on flyleaf. Spine of book is damaged. Three pages near the front have been damaged. The pieces of page are in the book. This is a scarce and interesting children's book. Condition reflects hard wear from the child owner.
    Price: $14.00

  • Number: 10/000079
    Title: Pelle's New Suit
    Author: Elsa Beskow
    Description: Harper and Row. Hard cover. Very good condition. Over-sized children's book. Beautiful muted-colored illustrations. Shows no wear.
    Price: $40.00

  • Number: 10/000161
    Title: Crick-Ett / Cooty-Doo
    Author: Stephen Cosgrove
    Date: 1988
    Description: Illustrated by Charles Reasoner. H.S. Stuttman, Inc. Hard cover. Very good condition. Interesting colorful illustrations.
    Price: 45.00

  • Number: 10/000090
    Title: Christmas Stories
    Author: Phyllis Halldorson and Peggy Webb, et al.
    Date: 1991
    Description: ISBN: 0-373-48234-5. Silhouette Books. Paperback. Appears to have gotten damp.
    Price: $2.50

  • Number: 10/000088
    Title: A Child's First Book in Reading
    Author: Margaret J. McElroy
    Date: 1927
    Description: American Book Company. Hard cover. A small, very nicely illustrated children's book. Colored illustrations are bright and clean. Two pages are slightly dog-eared. Some small thing is scratched out on the end paper. 32 pages. Cover is somewhat soiled.
    Price: $35.00

  • Number: 10/000107
    Title: Celery Stalks at Midnight
    Author: James Howe
    Date: 1984
    Description: ISBN: 0-380-69054-3. Illustrated by Leslie Morrill. Avon Books. Paper cover. A children's book about animals with active and interesting illustrations, especially the dogs.
    Price: $4.00

  • Number: 10/000125
    Title: Cracker Jackson
    Author: Betsy Byars
    Date: 1987
    Description: ISBN: 0-440-84120-8. Trumpet Club. Paperback. Very good condition.
    Price: $3.00

  • Number: 10/000136
    Title: Story of D-Day: June 6, 1944
    Author: Bruce Bliven Jr.
    Date: 1956, 12th printing
    Description: Library of Congress number: 56-5458. Albert Orbaan Illustator. Random House. Decorative cloth cover. A child's book and popular history of the invasion of Europe in `945. Some slight water staining, particularly on the photo plates. Cover slightly damaged.
    Price: $7.00

  • Number: 10/000147
    Title: The Three Bears
    Date: 1960
    Description: Whitman Publishing Company. A charming, tiny, hard covered children's book. The last page serves as the back flyleaf and has been partly pulled loose. The cover is in poor condition and defaced with a price sticker.
    Price: $1.00

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